A musician, producer, and entrepreneur, Fabian Filiks continues to explore the boundaries of classical music, electronica, and shock rock, creating original and hauntingly atmospheric soundscapes.

Transcending genres and captivating the listener with emotional depth, his music has already attracted attention and a small following. Since his debut, Fabian has published over 90 pieces of music in various formats. He has given over a dozen live performances and extensively participates in the life of the Polish independent music scene. 

In his childhood years, Fabian studied classical piano. He later thought himself to play the guitar and started producing his first music.

Since 2006 he has been running an independent music label, Via Nocturna, with over 130 records released so far. Working on various projects with musicians from around the globe allowed him to build a diverse musical catalog.

He has a minimalistic approach to both writing and performing music. Utilizing mostly contemporary tools and instruments from companies like ESP, Roland, Line6, and Reloop, he manages to deliver high-quality music and live performances.

Apart from his artistic activities, Fabian runs a boutique advertising agency. He also holds a Ph.D. degree in German Philosophy. 

So far, he has received no accolades. 


New album

Fabian Filiks - "Vertigo"
2021 // Via Nocturna


01. Vertigo
02. Derelict
03. Road to Nowhere
04. The Stranger
05. Insomnia
06. Machine-God
07. At the Old Cemetery


All music written & performed by Fabian Filiks. Additional saxophone in „The Stranger” by Marius Trapp.
Recorded, mixed & mastered in winter of 2021 at Old Attic Studio, Opole by Fabian Filiks. Cover art, layout design & photos
by Diana Sawicka

About this release

If the nights were no longer dark, would you still be able to dream?

Fifteen years after the debut, Fabian Filiks drops his gimmick to deliver an album nothing short of remarkable. "Vertigo" is a close and personal story of self-exploration. An album deeply rooted in the author's dark ambient / neo-classical past. With dark jazz undertones and heavy use of synthesizers, "Vertigo" depicts a man in an eerie and dreamlike landscape of a derelict urban fabric. Inspired by the works of Angelo Badalamenti and Charles Ives, Fabian Filiks tells us something about himself that he never did before. And thus making this album the soundtrack to a real-life psychological thriller.


Selected discography

2020 - Doctor Visor - The Funeral Portrait
2018 - Moloch - The Experiment
2018 - Moloch - The Other Side
2017 - Moloch - The Vatican Cellars
2016 - Zorormr - The Aftermath
2015 - Zorormr - Corpus Hermeticum
2013 - Zorormr - IHS
2010 - Zorormr - Kval